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Seals vs. Sealants

Internal Chimney Sealing is a good practice to prevent infiltration entering your structures through the chimney section. However, if you are using mechanical seals, you may have noticed that they are hard to install and require a lot of preparation. Special equipment such as spanner tools are needed to ensure a tight fit inside the chimney and a lot of times they end up in the bottom of the manhole as shown in the pictures. Instead of mechanical seals, consider the use of chimney sealants such as Flex Seal Utility Sealant. Flex Seal is an aromatic urethane sealant with over 800% elongation and responds to severe freeze/thaw cycles, H2S and road salts with no tearing, cracking or deterioration. More information Flex Seal can by found by visiting Midwest Water Group's Manhole Rehab page


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