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Too far gone? Geokrete Geopolymer liner of severely deteriorated manhole structures

Location: Backyard access only in a beautifully landscaped, established neighborhood

Problem: H2S corrosion had led to severely deteriorated structures and residents were complaining of nuisance sewer odors.

Assets in Play: (4) Sanitary Sewer Manholes - each approximately 8' in depth

Solution: RMS heavy cleans, patches and profiles existing structures then applies 1-1/2" of Geokrete Geopolymer Liner and trowel finishes to restore the structures to new. Difference is night and day!

More information on Geokrete(r) Geopolymer:

Geokrete(r) Geopolymer is designed to provide corrosion resistant protection in high hydrogen sulfide environments, increase structural integrity and stop the infiltration of groundwater in deteriorated structures. Geokrete is a factory blended, one component, fiber reinforced geopolymer synthesized from pozzolanic materials of industrials byproducts, enhanced with monocrystalline quartz aggregate. The Geokrete geopolymer reaction mechanism is polymerization which yields superior strength and chemical resistance. It can be applied in one pass up to several inches thick on vertical surfaces by low pressure spraying or spin cast application process.


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