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valve insertion

4" - 24"

Valve insertions are a quick and effective way to gain control of a line. Most sizes are installed in under two hours and require only one excavation, resulting in time and cost savings for you. We customize the fit of the valve and gasket, mill the slot for the gate and verify shutdown of the valve before we leave the job site.


Municipal or Engineer Specifications

Unique alternative to line stopping (see Line Stopping and diagram below)

Easy replacement of treatment plant valves without shutdown

pipe types

Cast, Ductile, PVC (SDR21, C900 and C909), Steel, HDPE, Asbestos/Cement and PCCP




6" Valve Insertion

Valve inserted on sewer pipe. Perfect valve for forcemain isolation

In Action

Milling the slot for the wedge of the valve

14" - 24"

Large diameter valves now inserted in about 4 hours.

Other Applications

When looking for places for this valve, look up! This replaced a faulty plug valve in a plant